Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
In the seventies I became aware of the perils that threatened our environment . At that time acid rain and ozone depletion was being brought to our attention on a regular basis. I didn’t become active until I settled down and started a family in the mid eighties. Becoming a mom made me want to secure a future for my children and a clean and healthy environment was a priority. I did (and still do) whatever I could to safe energy and to stop wasting water and gas. We got rid of our second car, installed double glazing and made sure our children learned from an early age not to waste water and turn of lights and appliances as soon as they left a room. Even today I still rather take my bike then a bus (even though in Arnhem we have environmental friendly, electric busses) and we use the car only if there is no other option.
I feel that we are heading for disaster and that Im still not doing all that I can. If you see and hear about the melting of the poles, experience the strange weather conditions we seem to have, seasons no longer the way they used to be. It would help if the world leaders, especially the US and China would start giving the environment priority over economic issues.
I would applaud and be active in a new and better organized environmental movement to make our leaders listen, because it might already be too late.

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Ces said...

Are you kidding? Ask the Chinese government to consider the environment and the welfare of the people before economic power? They just discovered a bunch of slaves in a brick factory!

The US actually has better anti-pollution standards than most countries. In fact the laws are very punitive and Americans are quite the activists anyway. The world's 10 most polluted places are found in Russia, China and India - factories and nuclear sites. What the US government fails to do is consider practical alternative forms of energy. The candidates for the presidential elections (That Barack guy and Edwards) both declare that the production of corn ethanol must be increased. It is impractical. The better source of ethanol is sugarcane because it costs less to manufacture but Iowa is a big producer of corn and the Iowa caucus is huge. It's all about the votes and making them stay in power, not real solutions.

You are doing the best thing, starting with your children. I teach my children too. Parents should teach their children but we have so many stupid breeders who don't care about the environment.